Foundations of Sociocracy - Two Day Intensive Training

  • Posted on: 18 October 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Due to insufficient enrollment, we have postponed the course until we have achieved our minimum required enrollment to proceed with the course. Once we have the requisite number of registrants, we'll poll everyone to identify suitable dates that registrants can attend. We'll then schedule the class and request payment. By registering you are only indicating interest in taking the course and are under no obligation.


Are you tired of ineffective, inefficient meetings? Do you embrace participatory democracy but are frustrated with consensus? This two-day intensive training gives you the essential tools for applying sociocracy (dynamic governance) in your existing or forming organization. This interactive, experiential workshop includes:

•  Introduction to sociocratic values, principles and practices

• Consent decision making - implementing equivalence and effectiveness

• Circle (policy) meetings, roles, and elections - organizing work

• Organizational structure - how to scale equivalence, consent, feedback, and transparency.

• Operational effectiveness strategies

• Inclusive facilitation and leadership skills

The training will include a mix of interactive simulations, practice sessions, and exercises, presentation of essential information, and time for participant questions and feedback.



John Schinnerer is a whole systems design consultant who has taught and facilitated Sociocracy in Hawai'i, Australia, California and Oregon. His easygoing style and insightful approach support an optimal learning experience. The methods, tools and techniques that John offers invite maximum clarity, honesty, and integrity while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness ­ to help you get things done and have more fun! John is a founding member of The Sociocracy Consulting Group.



$500/person for business/for-profit participants

$300/person for non-profit/community/grassroots participants

Get $50 off each registration for two or more registering together.

Payment plan available. Contact us for more details.



Cancellation Policy:

• The registered participant may invite another person to substitute their place before the start of the workshop (in which they are registered) at no charge;

• If notice is received 7 or fewer days from the scheduled starting date, no refund will be offered;

• If notice is received 8-14 days from the scheduled starting date, a 50% refund will be offered.

• If notice is received 15-21 days from the scheduled starting date, a 75% refund will be offered.

•  If notice is received at least 21 days from the scheduled starting date, a full refund will be offered.



“We adopted dynamic governance and all of a sudden there is a room full of empowered people helping make decisions. People feel different. I’d say that at the end of 100% of our circle meetings - where we set policy - everyone says, 'My goodness. I feel so much more energized.' We have fewer meetings over time as we’ve implemented Dynamic Governance, the decisions are better, and the follow-through is better because everyone’s on board.“ - Paul Kervick, Outreach Coordinator and Board Member of a Vermont social services nonprofit organization

It's phenomenal how it accesses and makes available all the intelligence in the group. - Executive Director of a state green building alliance

Dynamic governance has helped our membership and attendance at events expand tremendously. Now our volunteers show up, do great work running the dances, and come back to do more. I think they really know they have an essential voice in the organization. - President of a city dance organization

Since we've adopted Dynamic Governance, it's much easier and more efficient for me to delegate. I'm able to receive information from the staff, the faculty, and all the different committees in a much more efficient fashion. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable my job is. - Renee Owen, Director of a private grades 1-8 school

"The Assisted Living care industry nationwide has a very high rate of staff turnover. We have nearly zero staff turnover. That adds to the profitability of a business when you don’t have to hire and train new people all the time. It also adds to the continuity of patient care." - Dee DeLuca, Executive Director, Living Well Group, Assisted Living & Residential Care Homes


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