ecovillage community

I can help you plan, design, and develop your intentional community. Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to change up or add structure or process, let my years of experience as a management consultant and educator help you achieve success. An added plus to my bevy of skills is that I am currently enrolled in theĀ  Masters in Biomimicry program at ASU which is informing all the work that I do to ‘create conditions conducive to life’ (Benyus, n.d.).

Areas in which I consult on include

    • Shared values exploration and documentation
    • Member recruitment
    • Membership agreements
    • Membership vetting
    • Organizational structures – legal, developmental, educational
    • Governance & decision-making methods
    • Soft technologies for ensuring community health, e.g. conflict resolution, restorative justice, non-violent communication, Zegg forum, etc.
    • Land and buildings, site selection and buildings placement
    • Energy efficient buildings design
    • Energy, water and food self-sufficiency
    • Appropriate technologies
    • Community owned business(es)
    • Capitalization instruments

I look forward to hearing from you! Contact me.