“Christian is a generous and grounded steward of the social, political, and ecological frameworks that support community thriving. With his guidance, the next steps to form a robust and resilient structure for our work came clear. We feel so supported by Christian in stepping into alternative ways of working, living, and visioning for the future.”The Refuge, Jamestown, California

“I am part of an exciting people- and land-focused community in a beautiful rural setting near Chapel Hill and Durham North Carolina.  More than a decade ago, Christian Stalberg was our original “burning soul”, and it is hard to imagine that this wonderful community would ever have emerged from the dream state had it not for Christian’s inspired vision and passionate dedication laser-focused on the challenges of launching an endeavor such as this.  Our membership process and our governance model are just part of his invaluable legacy.  Now relocated to California, Christian continues to bring his creativity and energy to the communitarian life with workable strategies and on-the-ground solutions aimed squarely at the devastating social and environmental problems of our time.” – Paul Voss, Hart’s Mill Ecovillage, Mebane, North Carolina